Emergency Water Filter

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Whether you are hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, camping, or find yourself in the middle of a natural event or some other geology catastrophe…

Replacement Filter Kit

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for EWS-4 & EWS-5 Filters This filter kit contains the following components: 1 - 1500 gallon, 1 micron Melt Blown Poly Sediment Filter Cartridge 1 - 1500 gallon, Activated Carbon Cartridge Note: Always have at least one replcement set of cartridges on hand just in case...

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Make Your
Water Clean

Have your own "Bottled Water" for less then a nickel per gallon. People caught in a disaster-devastated area always need clean water. By clean we mean without bacteria – those little unseen critters that make people sick with diseases such as Cholera. Without clean water, people cannot maintain their health and strength and they cannot begin recovery.